Digital kittens AB

Digital design.

Rebecca de Milneaux

Virtual fashion designer and club person, Love new cloth textures. Do not have a real life at all. If you see me inworld say hi.

Rebecca read_001

Just travel and have to do some reading. SL is a cool place.

Rebecca pride_001

Do not know if there are gay vampires but I believe so. Rebecca's there anyway. Another missed opportunity.

I have started work on a new menswear collection for Second life. I think that men should have the opportunity to have a nice stylish wardrobe.


I think i will call it the Ipad collection because i do the sketches on my Ipad. Really need a better tool for making fashion in SL.


I have too dream something up.




Sketching some new clothes. Working with mesh now. It works better for things hanging and shrinkles.